Let’s All Pitch In To Help Seniors During COVID-19

Thank you so much for supporting the LA COVID-19 Response Team. Our Mission is to Save Lives by keeping those most vulnerable amongst us indoors

Proposal: Logistical Support for Neighborhood Council COVID-19 Volunteer Mobilization – Food Relief

to support a neighborhood mobilization effort over eight weeks to provide food support (food supplies and/or deliveries) to 125 – 300 households.

Please donate!!!

LA COVID-19 Response Team calling all people over 65 in two Hollywood ZIP codes to identify needs and help meet any that might require this at-risk population to leave home. We assess whether a resident needs, e.g., groceries, medicines, or pet supplies and whether they are in contact with a friend, family member, helpers or neighbors to take regular care of them. We have partnered with Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council (CHNC), local neighbor-to-neighbor benefit corporation (KinderTogether), Los Angeles Cedars Rotary Foundation, CD13, CD4, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s’, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Mayor Garcetti, and more partners on the way. to pick-up and deliver requested items while maintaining safe physical distancing/best practices at stores and drop-offs. We have a daily remote call training, a hotline for additional requests/questions, and a multilingual volunteer pool to service Spanish, Armenian, Russian, and Korean speakers.

We currently source all goods from stores on-the-fly and have been subsidizing the cost. We are moving to a depot+ration-box model by early April to allow us to streamline the delivery of to all requesters, and open our operations to people under 65 who may also need help.

As of now, we are servicing 148 seniors and the demand is growing with free 5-day food supply box shipping weekly on Thurs (next is April 9): shelf-stable milk, oatmeal, pasta/sauce, lentils, canned fruit & veg, canned tuna. We meet dietary restrictions and will add produce and local restaurant delivery vouchers when possible.

What is needed over the next two months is:

dispatch function

Creation of a dispatch function which serves as the central communications conduit for all activities related to this effort until the crisis abates.The person should be compensated for their time.

logistical support

In concert with the dispatch function, logistical support to handle the daily influx of calls into the CNHC relief number, tracking and fulfillment of identified needs and partnerships with other local organizations who may be of help (e.g., Meals on Wheels, local food pantries, surplus food suppliers).

recruitment & training

Recruitment and training of neighborhood volunteers who may fall off, to keep a robust cadre of neighbors calling seniors.

surplus food

Logistical support to handle incoming offers of surplus food, including finding locations to store, and transport; and sharing this resource with other organizations in the neighborhood.