Let’s Pitch In To Help Launch The Hollywood Harvest

Thank you for supporting the LA Covid-19 Response Team. Due to the food insecurity uncovered by our program, we’re growing our efforts into a sustainable nonprofit food co-op and delivery service. The Hollywood Harvest will be launching this coming spring!

Proposal: Financial support for the build out of the Hollywood Harvest. To launch a sustainable non-profit food co-op/delivery service supporting the most at-risk residents of Hollywood.

Please Donate!!!

Hollywood Harvest is a non-profit food relief program started by the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council and KinderTogether mutual aid app to help our most vulnerable neighborhood seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the help of donations and more than 150 volunteers we were able to deliver food to 703 seniors in Hollywood over an 8-week period following the initial COVID-19 city lockdown in March 2020. Our volunteers called more than 5,000 seniors to assess food needs and set up delivery for those in need. The Hollywood SchoolHouse opened its space up for us to bag groceries for delivery by LAPD officers.

Altogether, we made 2120 deliveries, with 70% of seniors receiving weekly delivery. Not only did volunteers set up food delivery, they also connected seniors to additional city and county services.

The need is ongoing and so we are continuing our work. Nearly half, 48%, of seniors in our community face food insecurities. Many don’t speak English and don’t have close connections nearby, both of which can further isolate them from neighbors and government services in times of need. Food insecurity is closely correlated to homelessness; providing for food relief can help prevent people from having to choose between housing and nourishment. In December 2020, we will again provide neighborhood food delivery for seniors. Hollywood Harvest is now part of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation. We have partnered with the Hollywood Food Coalition, which intakes donated food and goods that it both serves to our homeless neighbors and redistributes to other organizations. Together we will open a neighborhood serving grocery store in mid-2021. Our vision is for a community grocery and delivery service that connects seniors to food and other services. Your donation will go to staffing and delivery so that we can continue to serve our neighbors in need.