A little playfulness can go a long way. Although LA Cedars Rotary Club members’ mission is service to the community, our club members try to fuse together recreational and educational activities with the work that bears their mission. There is much out there to discover. Whether to learn new skills, counterbalance the stress of work, build and maintain friendships, strengthen their solidarity or simply have fun, the club members constantly shake things up by participating in various outdoor activities, cultural events, annuals galas among others.



A public event series that aims to heighten our community experience and spark new conversations about different topics. This series is prepared and moderated by Dr. Loubna Hassanieh.

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The LA Cedars annual gala is a highly anticipated once-a-year celebration of music, food, drinks and award distributions. This annual Community service award banquet is held to recognize the exemplary service of an individual who has served the community. The Gala has repeatedly been a successful event in past years, with prior honorees including Mr.Talaat Captan, founder of Open Skies for Autism-Air Hollywood and Mr.Richard Ayoub the executive director of Project Angel food, among others.


OH WHAT FUN. This year finished off with our LA Cedars Rotary family getting together for the Annual Christmas Holiday Dinner Party. Members enjoyed good food and drinks and together embraced the festive Christmas spirit. The night was spent with merry piano tunes and Christmas Carols ringing through the atmosphere. We strive to serve and we never forget our aim especially on occasions that bring people together and we also have some fun meanwhile while we also undertake our mission.


In our latest retreat, LA cedars rotary club members headed out to Paso Robles to visit DAOU Vineyards and Winery, founded by Lebanese brothers Georges and Daniel Daou. The winery’s splendid location overlooks the astounding views of Paso Robles as well as the grape vineyards. Members got to tour the winery and then enjoyed wine tasting. LA Cedars annual retreats have traditionally been perfect opportunities to explore new places while fostering strong bonds with each other and building a sense of camaraderie.


One way to have more fun exercising is doing it with friends. Bike riding is one of the activities our members have enjoyed doing together, whether biking on Hermosa beach, Play Del Ray’s beachside community or through the Santa Monica neighborhood among other charming locations. There is no simpler way to travel or explore new corners and trails than on a cycle ride. With sunny skies dominating the weather in southern California, biking is an enjoyable and healthy activity to engage in.

Beginner hikers as well as more advanced members are also encouraged to join LA Cedars Rotary Club weekly hikes. The hikes feature variable trails across the Los Angeles area as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. Southern California’s mild year-round climate is a perfect opportunity for outdoor lovers and hikers to get going.