Join Us in Supplying Solar For Schools In Lebanon

Join us in raising funds for adding solar power to the schools in Lebanon. Our goal is to provide Solar Systems to all the schools in Lebanon and together we can achieve this goal. 

Supplying Solar Power To All Schools In Lebanon

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For the last 30 years Lebanon has had problems related to the delivery of public electricity. The Lebanese government has reduced the amount of electricity it provides over time, so that today most Lebanese households receive an average of 2-3 hours of state electricity per day. As a result, people have reverted to the use of costly private generators and yet even the electricity provided by these generators, due to prohibitive costs associated with the burning of fuel, is being rationed.

Consequently and in awareness of this emerging trend, Rotary clubs of Lebanon decided to step in by providing solar panel systems to approximately 50 public schools, 3 orphanages and 4 hospitals, with the support of both local and international clubs as well as the Rotary Foundation. This project has been chosen as the mega project for Lebanon for the Rotarian Year 2022 – 23.

Looking at the needs of the community, many Lebanese clubs  and LA Cedars opted to join by selecting one or more schools/ hospitals to equip them with photovoltaic solar systems.

The cost of the system required depends on the size of schools and their electrical consumption. The Mega project Committee for this mega project, agreed with a consultant to determine the exact needs of schools. The clubs will seek offers from different suppliers and follow up with the consultant on execution and delivery of systems. The cost per school varies between 15 and 30k.

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